Benetas Besties
24 October 2017

Benetas Besties

To celebrate the importance of friendship and the benefits it has to the well-being of older people, we went on the hunt for some Benetas Besties, and we found the Carols.

Carol Inglis, 79, and Carol Jackson, 78, from Benetas Corowa Court Aged Care Apartments in Mornington, instantly hit it off after meeting at the dinner table one evening. Now you’ll find them sharing a meal at their ‘Naughty Table’, buzzing down to the shops on their matching scooters and giving each other an earful when it comes to footy.

The ‘besties’ are also kept busy by hosting weekly exercise classes for over 25 residents, some wheelchair-bound, transforming the previously basic sessions to musical “extravaganzas”.

Benetas CEO Sandra Hills OAM said the campaign was reflective of the organisation’s commitment to celebrating a positive experience of ageing. “‘Besties’ like the ‘Carols’ in Mornington are so special because they prove that life doesn’t end just because you’ve entered residential aged care,” said Ms Hills. “These ‘besties’ are as active and as involved as ever, spending their time investing in and enriching the Corowa community.”

Mrs Jackson said meeting Mrs Inglis has helped changed her outlook on ageing. “I came in here and met this old chook, who makes life worth living,” said Mrs Jackson. “We think the same way, say the same things and share the same sense of humour.” “I think we’re keeping each other alive.”

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