3 million reasons to get involved
3 July 2013

3 million reasons to get involved

Did you know there are currently three million people over 65, living in Australia? And unless the workforce is supported to grow, 279,000 Australians will be without aged care by 2050.

This is the message coming from the 3 Million Reasons Campaign. Australia needs to invest in aged care to ensure that everyone has access to high quality aged care services.

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), the peak body for age service providers in Australia, is running the 3 Million Reasons campaign. LASA works with its members, of whom Benetas is one, to enable older Australians to live well.

It costs around $300 per day to house a prisoner, $700 per day to stay in an Australian hospital and yet a resident of an aged care facility is funded a maximum of $180. What does that say about our treatment of older Australians? Our aged care workers do their best, but the cost of providing care is not matched by funding.

By joining the 3 Million Reasons campaign you will send a clear message to decision makers that age services matter to you. We need to support workers across the industry to provide the quality care that every Australian deserves.

To get involved in the campaign, go to www.3millionreasons.com.au and join to show your support for an industry that needs a lot of extra attention.