$21 million state of the art service to be built in Frankston
13 April 2015

$21 million state of the art service to be built in Frankston

Key community members, including Frankston Mayor Cr Sandra Mayer, joined Benetas staff and residents in April to celebrate the start of development on Benetas’ $21 million state of the art aged care service in Frankston.

The development, which is set to define a new level of care, will be home to 80 people and is based on the innovative ‘cluster model’ of housing which brings with it significant benefits to clients’ wellbeing.

Benetas General Manager Strategy, Infrastructure and Housing Chris Karagiannis said the development epitomised Benetas’ commitment to finding the best ways to support people as they age.

“The cluster model is all about creating a sense of ‘home’ for our residents, and ensuring we promote their health, wellbeing, social connectedness and independence through the services we deliver,” said Mr Karagiannis.

“We’ve carefully designed the floor plan to enable small groups of residents to live in clusters, increasing their access to in-house amenities and contributing to a stronger sense of community.

The design also works to keep the back of house operations, such as catering and laundry, behind the scenes and out of sight, contributing to the home-like environment.

“This isn’t your typical aged care home,” said Benetas General Manager Residential Services and Quality and Compliance, Paula Trood.

“This is a person-centred approach that puts the needs of our residents, and their right to feel ‘at home’, front and centre; it’s something that Benetas is very proud of.”

Since the event, work has continued at full speed, with the basement and ground floor slab already poured, work on installing in-ground services such as gas, sewerage, water and electricity almost complete, and steelwork to upper floors starting within the next month.

Works are expected to be completed within 10 months, with the service opening to new residents mid 2016.