The Benetas Community is made up of a talented and professional group of people

Benetas people

At Benetas we are committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients through the talents, skills and experience of our dedicated staff members and volunteers.

We pride ourselves on the level of professional development we offer our staff to ensure that our service is innovative and at the forefront of best practice. This ensures that Benetas provides the best quality care possible to our clients.

Meet our Team

To find out more about the Benetas team or for more information on working for Benetas, contact us today.

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Meet the team

Benetas people

There are many benefits for working with Benetas. Find out all the employee benefits that all staff recieve during their tenure with us.
Benetas is committed to creating an environment that supports our people to remain motivated, engaged and providing high quality care for longer.
Over 1,200 staff support the needs of older Victorians every day at Benetas. You can find out about the sort of people who might be providing support to you or loved one here.