Information about aged care costs

Working out the cost of aged care can be confusing when you first start out. Below is some generic information to help you start to understand the costs and process involved. Benetas recognises that everyone's situation is different, so we have experienced staff to help you. For more information regarding the cost of aged care services and to start the conversation around your needs, please call the Benetas Customer Centre on 1300 23 63 82. 

Information about aged care costs

Residential aged care - what will it cost

Before you start receiving any type of aged care services, including residential, respite and transitional care, you will need to be ‘assessed’ by your regional Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS). This involves an assessment by a member of the ACAS which can take place at home or in hospital. Your GP can refer you to your local ACAS for an assessment if you are at home. You may wish to have someone with you when you are assessed, and that is completely fine. The ACAS will provide you with a document giving approval for community support or aged care placement. This document will be required by all government funded aged care service providers.

For more information on ACAS click here or contact the Benetas Customer Centre on 1300 23 63 82.

The cost of aged care depends on your situation and what type of care you decide to choose. Each individual situation is different, and Benetas recommends that you speak to an aged care financial advisor to receive personal advice.

Care Fees

These are contributions towards yours or your loved one’s care and include:

1.      Daily or Basic Care Fee
This fee applies to all residents in aged care. It is a daily fee that goes towards providing for your care needs and living expenses like meals, cleaning and laundry. The maximum daily care fee is set at 85% of the annual single basic Centrelink age pension, and the current basic daily care fee is 

2.      Means Tested Care Fee

This is an additional contribution towards cost of care which is assessed and set by the Australian Government, and there is an annual and lifetime cap on means tested care fees. A fee calculator to help you determine this fee is available on the My Aged Care website:

To be prepared for the move into a Benetas home plus to determine some of the costs for your care and whether you qualify for additional Government funding, you should apply for the Government's Combined Assets and Income Assessment (valid for 120 days prior to moving in). Benetas welcomes people without this Assessment, as you may choose not to apply but instead pay the full costs for your care needs and accommodation.

 Accommodation Fees:

These are contributions towards yours or your loved one’s accommodation and can be charged either as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) or combination of a RAD and a DAP. To calculate the DAP you might be required to pay, you can use the room rate calculator available on each Benetas residential facility page.

If you receive either a full or part Aged Pension you may be entitled to government contributions towards your accommodation. As a not-for-profit, Benetas is committed to providing accommodation to ensure Victorians have access to the services they need. All prices listed above are per person and are negotiable and we welcome supported residents.

Remember paying a Refundable Accommodation Deposit does not necessarily mean you must sell your home. A discussion with a specialist aged care financial advisor may provide you with other options and Benetas strongly recommends seeing a financial advisor with a background in aged care to ensure you receive the best information for your situation.

Upon entry to a residential aged care facilities, you will be asked to sign a contract. All contracts are tailored to the individual and their personal circumstances. However, we have added an example residential agreement contract here so you can get an idea of what you will be sent.

For more information, please contact our friendly Customer Centre team on 1300 23 63 82 or email