What can you get with your home care funding?

Understanding the cost of home care is confusing.

So Benetas has created an easy to use online calculator tool that will help people accessing home care packages to understand the costs more clearly.

What can you get with your home care funding?

In this tool you can calculate whether you will need to pay the Government’s income tested fee. Once you've determined your fee (if any), you can then see how the income fee you pay and the government funding allocated to you is combined, and can be used across different types of home care services.

This tools gives you a sound overview of the home care process from start to finish.  

You can have a play with the calculator to see what types of services you could receive and how many hours of service you can get from a government funded package.

Benetas is working hard to make the whole process of aged care, particularly home care, more clear, transparent and understandable. Unlike other home care providers, we offer our clients access to a team of client advisors. We don’t ‘watch the clock’ or charge extra if you go over time, making sure there are no hidden charges so there are no surprises in your monthly statement. This gives you piece of mind and helps you make the most of your funding.

No matter whether you’re new to home care and need information, are looking for immediate services, or want to switch your existing package to a new service provider, Benetas can provide free support and information to you at a time and location that is convenient to you.

Download the Benetas Home Care calculator


 (Note: Microsoft Office Excel required)

Please note, the calculator is a guide only. To talk about your specific needs, please call Benetas Home Care on 1300 23 63 82.

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