Benetas One Wish Program

If you could wish for anything, what would it be?
This is what we ask our clients. Their answers could be a ride in a hot air balloon across the city, a computer to stay in touch with family, or as wild as being a passenger in a race car.

Whatever it is, the Benetas One Wish Program makes the dreams of older Victorians come true.

Benetas One Wish Program

Make a wish come true for an older person in need – donate to the Benetas One Wish Program. With this special fund Benetas can grant the extraordinary dreams of our clients, which would otherwise be impossible.

Where your donation goes

We’ve previously helped a client and full time carer to travel interstate to meet his granddaughter for the first time; arranged a commitment ceremony for a client and her partner during her final stages of cancer; helped a resident to spend a day in her childhood hometown, reminiscing and seeing old friends; we’ve even helped one lady conquer her debilitating pain with a special pain management retreat.

Donations to the One Wish Program all go towards granting the wishes of our clients.

More information

Download a copy of the Benetas One Wish brochure we give to our clients