Memory Loss and Dementia Service

If you or someone you know, is experiencing memory loss or living with dementia, we can provide support in this journey and assist you to maintain independence at home for as long as possible.

Memory Loss and Dementia Service

Memory Loss and Dementia Service

How does it work?

A highly qualified Memory Loss and Dementia Advisor will visit you at home to discuss your needs. We then work with you and your family to develop a tailored plan that will support you, connect you to the right services, and help you make decisions about the future.

Our Memory Loss and Dementia Advisors work with you to:

  • provide support and counselling
  • provide information about memory loss and dementia
  • assist you with the home environment
  • identify services to support you and provide referrals, if needed
  • advise on what legal, financial and medical preparation can be made
  • suggest techniques for managing the dementia journey
  • identify strategies to support behaviours associated with memory loss or dementia.

Advisors are available to discuss and support you as needed.

The Kit – your guide to living well

As part of the six-month Memory Loss and Dementia Service, you receive a personalised kit. The kit is a companion to the service and will become a useful guide to you and your family to help you to live well throughout the dementia journey. The kit provides information about dementia and includes valuable tips for families and carers such as ‘communicating with a person with dementia’ and ‘suggestions for leisure activities’. It also includes useful reference materials and checklists to assist you on the dementia journey and points you in the direction for further assistance.

Using this service

There are two ways you can choose to use the Memory Loss and Dementia Service.

  1. You can pay an hourly rate for support as and when you need it - $90.00 per hour.
  2. You can select a full six-month package which includes the ongoing support of a qualified Memory Loss and Dementia Service Advisor and the personalised kit which is based on your or your family's needs - $560.00 for six months.

You can use the service as a fee-paying client or it may be funded by the government as part of a Home Care package.


We’ve answered some commonly asked questions about our Memory Loss and Dementia Service on this handy Q & A page.

Contact us

To find out more about the Memory Loss and Dementia Service call the Benetas Customer Centre on 1300 23 63 82 during business hours, email or fill out an enquiry form below and one of our qualified advisors will call you back. 



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