Social Dividend

We are committed to contributing to our Social Dividend, and we continue to deliver on this through a range of initiatives. In the financial year 2015/2016, Benetas funded in excess of $1 million in our social dividend.

Social Dividend

Benetas is a 'for purpose' organisation with a mission to provide older Victorians, their families and carers with a full range of quality community-based services and residential homes and apartments. Benetas does not generate a profit to distribute to shareholders. The profits that Benetas earn are reinvested into growing and expanding services and into other initiatives that provide broader benefits to people within our communities. This is our Social Dividend. This is how we deliver on our constitutional purpose and pay tribute to our Anglican and social justice heritage.

Diversity and inclusion

Benetas takes a whole of organisation approach to diversity, with clients and their families, staff, and volunteers - a thriving community. We're committed to Diversity and Inclusion whether it is our extensive equal employment opportunity policies, our Employer of Choice for Gender Equality award, or our journey towards White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation.

One Wish

The Benetas One Wish program makes wishes come true. Available to all Benetas clients, One Wish funds special 'one off'opportunities, such as a ride in a hot air balloon, a plane ticket to be reunited with family or a trip to the theatre. We provided 10 One Wishes last year! Find out more about the Benetas One Wish program.

Pastoral care

Benetas encourages all our staff and volunteers to bring a pastoral sensibility to their role, to listen to and be truly present to our clients. For more information, see Pastoral care.

Research and advocacy

We listen to the experiences of older Victorians, share their voices and strive to improve the wellbeing of all older Australians through advocacy and research. Check out our Research and opinion section.

Hardship Fund

The Benetas Hardship Fund supports Benetas clients who need short-term financial assistance to cover the cost of essential living requirements, such as food, housing, clothing or medical expenses. A grant of up to $1000 may be accessed. Your donation will go a long way at Benetas.

Concessional clients

An older person may be eligible to be a concessional resident in an aged care home if they cannot afford an accommodation bond or charge. Benetas consistently outperforms the industry average for concessional client ratios.